01 ATFC, The Cube Guys Lick Ya [Original Mix] 7A 125
02 Agua sin gas by Antoine Clamaran Dancin’ [Original Mix] 7A 125
03 Alex Guesta Let The Sunshine In [Alex Guesta Tribal Mix] 3A 125
04 Andrea Laddo SassoBasso [The Cube Guys Remix] 2A 125
05 Antoine Clamaran, Agua Sin Gas I Wanna Give You [Original Mix] 4A 125

01 3 Winans Brothers, Karen Clark Sheard I Choose You [Old Skool Mix] 10A 122
02 Aday Chinea Everybody [Original Mix] 12A 125
03 Addvibe He’s Alright [Club Mix] 7A 121
04 Adeline When I’m Alone 3A 122
05 Alan Dixon FT. Frank Hooker Rise & Shine [Frank Hooker New Mix] 6B 121

01 Alaia & Gallo Trippin’ FT. Dames Brown [P.o.L. Extended Mix] [DFTD] 9A 123
02 Alfie Gold That’s How We Do It [Original Mix] [Get Twisted Records] 10A 126
03 Angelo Ferreri Beginners [Original Mix] [DVINE Sounds] 10A 122
04 Chris Valencia I Don’t Know [Extended Mix] [Juicy Music] 6A 124
05 Clock [IT] With You [Original Mix] [Paul’s Boutique] 5A 126

01 Acumen The Puppet [Eleatics Records] 8A 122
02 Aerofeel5 Pjano Magic [Stan KoleV-Remix] [Enchant Audio] 1A 123
03 Alberto Blanco Distant Planets [Yuriy From Russia Remix] [3rd Avenue] 9A 122
04 Aluria Life Loop [Michael A Remix] [Incepto Music] 2A 121
05 Andre Sobota Dreamless [Matter’s Dreamstates Remix] [Particles] 7A 122