Crate Gang [11-Jun-2019]

01Blanco BrownThe Git Up [DJ Johnny Flores Edit] [DJ Johnny Flores] [Clean – 98Bpm] 1A 98
02TV Theme SongHome Improvement [Redrum] [DJ Snow] [Clean – 89Bpm] 8A 89
03TV Theme SongInspector Gadget [Snow Redrum] [DJ Snow] [Clean – 102Bpm] 9A 102
04TV Theme SongLaw & Order [Snow Redrum] [DJ Snow] [Clean – 119Bpm] 8B 119
05TV Theme SongLeave It To Beaver [Snow Redrum] [DJ Snow] [Clean – 119Bpm] 8A 119
06TV Theme SongMacgyver [Intro-Outro] [DJ Snow] [Clean – 74Bpm] 9B 148
07TV Theme SongMad About You [Snow Redrum] [DJ Snow] [Clean – 122Bpm] 5A 122
08TV Theme SongMagnum P.I. [Snow Redrum] [DJ Snow] [Clean – 130Bpm] 9A 130
09TV Theme SongMarried With Children [Snow Redrum] [DJ Snow] [Clean – 114Bpm] 6A 114
10TV Theme SongMiami Vice [Snow Redrum] [DJ Snow] [Clean – 116Bpm] 8A 116
11TV Theme SongMonday Night Football [Intro-Cold Out] [DJ Snow] [Clean – 128Bpm] 8B 127
12TV Theme SongMonday Night Football [Intro-Outro] [DJ Snow] [Clean – 128Bpm] 8B 128
13TV Theme SongMuppet Babies [Redrum] [DJ Snow] [Clean – 85Bpm] 8A 113
14TV Theme SongPink Panther [Snow Redrum] [DJ Snow] [Clean – 116Bpm] 9A 116
15TV Theme SongQuantum Leap [Snow Redum] [DJ Snow] [Clean – 73Bpm] 5B 146
16TV Theme SongSaved By The Bell [Redrum] [DJ Snow] [Clean – 75Bpm] 9A 150
17TV Theme SongSupermarket Sweep [Snow Redrum] [DJ Snow] [Clean – 72Bpm] 8A 144
18TV Theme SongThe Avengers [Intro-Outro] [DJ Snow] [Clean – 73Bpm] 6A 150
19TV Theme SongThe Muppets Show [Manamanah] [Redrum] [DJ Snow] [Clean – 92Bpm] 9A 92
20TV Theme SongThrees Company [Intro-Outro] [DJ Snow] [Clean – 76Bpm] 6A 152
21TV Theme SongUnsolved Mysteries [Snow Redrum] [DJ Snow] [Clean – 74Bpm] 5A 98
22TV Theme SongWheel Of Fortune [Snow Redrum] [DJ Snow] [Clean – 126Bpm] 8A 126
23TV Theme SongWho Wants To Be A Millionaire [Loop] [DJ Snow] [Clean – 78Bpm] 12A 78
24TV Theme SongWho's The Boss [Snow Redrum] [DJ Snow] [Clean – 80Bpm] 10B 106

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