Crate Gang [15-Sep-2020]

016ix9ineTuTu (Intro Clean) (DJ Drake) (Clean – 120BPM)
02DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh PrinceBrand New Funk (Rowshay) (ROWSHAY) (Clean – 98BPM)
03DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh PrinceThe Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air (Rowshay) (ROWSHAY) (Clean – 101BPM)
04DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh PrinceSummertime (Rowshay) (ROWSHAY) (Clean – 95BPM)
05DJ Mad ft David SPut Your Drinks Up (Rowshay) (ROWSHAY) (Dirty – 129BPM)
06DJ Mustard ft Ty Dolla $ign and B.O.BParanoid (Rowshay) (ROWSHAY) (Dirty – 98BPM)
07Dj ClassI'm The Ish (Shit) (Rowshay) (ROWSHAY) (Dirty – 126BPM)
08Dj SnakeBird Machine (Rowshay) (ROWSHAY) (Clean – 100BPM)
09Dj Snake feat. lil Jon & Dillon FrancisTurn Down For What – Get Low (Rowshay Special) (ROWSHAY) (Dirty – 100BPM)
10Dr Dre Feat Snoop DoggStill D.R.E. (Rowshay) (ROWSHAY) (Dirty – 93BPM)
11Dr Dre Feat Snoop Dogg and Nate DoggNext Episode (Rowshay) (ROWSHAY) (Dirty – 95BPM)
12DramaLeft Right Left (Rowshay Jammy) (ROWSHAY) (Clean – 61BPM)
13Dru Hill Feat. RedmanHow Deep Is Your Love (Rowshay) (ROWSHAY) (Clean – 94BPM)
14Duke DumontThe Giver (Rowshay) (ROWSHAY) (Clean – 124BPM)
15Duke DumontWon't Look Back (Rowshay) (ROWSHAY) (Clean – 124BPM)
16E.U.Da Butt (Rowshay Jammy) (ROWSHAY) (Clean – 97BPM)
17E.U.Da Butt (Rowshay) (ROWSHAY) (Clean – 97BPM)
18Eastside Jody ft. Pusha TDope Boy (Rowshay) (ROWSHAY) (Dirty – 87BPM)
19Eddie GrantElectric Avenue (Rowshay) (ROWSHAY) (Clean – 121BPM)
20Eddie Murphy ft Rick JamesParty All The Time (Rowshay) (ROWSHAY) (Clean – 135BPM)
21Eden XoToo Cool To Dance (Rowshay) (ROWSHAY) (Clean – 113BPM)
22Edward Maya Feat. Vika JigulinaStereo Love (Rowshay) (ROWSHAY) (Clean – 127BPM)
23Eighty Ft. GenoDa Birds Are Chirp'n (Good Morning) (Rowshay) (ROWSHAY) (Dirty – 95BPM)
24Ellie GouldingOn My Mind (Metronomy Rmx) (Rowshay) (ROWSHAY) (Clean – 90BPM)
25Ellie GouldingSomething In The Way You Move (Rowshay) (ROWSHAY) (Clean – 109BPM)
26Internet Money Ft Lil TeccaJLo (Intro Clean) (DJ Drake) (Clean – 132BPM)
27Internet Money Ft Lil TeccaJLo (Intro Clean)(SE) (DJ Drake) (Clean – 132BPM)
28Internet Money Ft Lil TeccaJLo (Intro Dirty) (DJ Drake) (Dirty – 132BPM)
29Internet Money Ft Lil TeccaJLo (Intro Dirty)(SE) (DJ Drake) (Dirty – 132BPM)
30Lil DurkInternet Sensation (Intro Clean) (DJ Drake) (Clean – 93BPM)
31Lil DurkInternet Sensation (Intro Dirty) (DJ Drake) (Dirty – 93BPM)
32Lil DurkInternet Sensation (Intro Dirty)(SE) (DJ Drake) (Dirty – 93BPM)
33Lil DurkInternet Sensation(Intro Clean)(SE) (DJ Drake) (Clean – 93BPM)
34Lil TeccaRoyal Rumble (Intro Clean) (DJ Drake) (Clean – 100BPM)
35Lil TeccaRoyal Rumble (Intro Clean)(SE) (DJ Drake) (Clean – 100BPM)
36Lil TeccaRoyal Rumble (Intro Dirty) (DJ Drake) (Dirty – 100BPM)
37Lil TeccaRoyal Rumble (Intro Dirty)(SE) (DJ Drake) (Dirty – 100BPM)
38Saweetie Ft Post Malone,DaBaby & Jack HarlowTap In Remix (Intro Clean) (DJ Drake) (Clean – 100BPM)
39Saweetie Ft Post Malone,DaBaby & Jack HarlowTap In Remix (Intro Dirty) (DJ Drake) (Dirty – 100BPM)
40Saweetie Ft Post Malone,DaBaby & Jack HarlowTap In Remix (Intro Dirty)(SE) (DJ Drake) (Dirty – 100BPM)
41Saweetie Ft Post Malone,DaBaby & Jack HarlowTap In Remix(Intro Clean)(SE) (DJ Drake) (Clean – 100BPM)
42ShaggyBoombastic (Sting Remix) (Rowshay) (ROWSHAY) (Clean – 84BPM)
43T.I. Ft Young ThugRing (Intro Clean) (DJ Drake) (Clean – 73BPM)
44T.I. Ft Young ThugRing (Intro Dirty) (DJ Drake) (Dirty – 73BPM)
45T.I. Ft Young ThugRing (Intro Dirty)(SE) (DJ Drake) (Dirty – 73BPM)
46T.I.. Ft Young ThugRing (Intro Clean)(SE) (DJ Drake) (Clean – 73BPM)
47Ty Dolla SignExpensive (Intro Clean) (DJ Drake) (Clean – 99BPM)
48Ty Dolla SignExpensive (Intro Dirty) (DJ Drake) (Dirty – 99BPM)
49Ty Dolla SignExpensive (Intro Dirty)(SE) (DJ Drake) (Dirty – 99BPM)
50Ty Dolla SignExpensive (Intro clean)(SE) (DJ Drake) (Clean – 99BPM)

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