Crooklyn Clan Vault Classics [10-Jun-2019]

01Vault Classics x Anthem KingzLive My Champagne Showers [Orig. Mix] [Clean] 6A 130
02Vault Classics x Anthem KingzProgressive Troublemaker [Believe In Me Now] [Orig. Mix] [Clean] 9A 125
03Vault Classics x DJ BeatBreakerNow That We Found The Hills [Orig. Mix] [Dirty] 5A 128
04Vault Classics x DJ BeatBreakerRain Over Me B-More [B-More Edit] [Dirty] 8A 128
05Vault Classics x DJ DeliriousNo Games Work [Orig. Mix] [Dirty] 1A 94
06Vault Classics x DJ FabianI See You Shakin' That Ass [Orig. Mix] [127-107] [Dirty] 2A 118
07Vault Classics x DJ Greg JTelephone [QH Edit] [Dirty] 4A 126
08Vault Classics x DJ Rev KevWake Me Up Electro [Orig. Mix] [Clean] 10A 128
09Vault Classics x DJ Starski2 Reasons Magic Stick [Orig. Mix] [Dirty] 12A 94
10Vault Classics x DJ Starski2 Reasons Single Ladies [Hype Vocal Edit] [Clean] 12A 94
11Vault Classics x DJ Starski2 Reasons [Hype Vocal Edit] [Clean] 12A 94
12Vault Classics x DJ StarskiAeroplane [Edit] [Dirty] 6A 101
13Vault Classics x DJ StarskiAll That She Wants [QH Edit] [Clean] 12A 94
14Vault Classics x DJ StarskiAnte Up [QH Edit] [Dirty] 4A 94
15Vault Classics x DJ StarskiPon De Reggae Floor [Hype Vocal Edit] [Dirty] 7A 128
16Vault Classics x DeVine CaNineCrazy Animals [Orig. Mix] [Dirty] 4A 128
17Vault Classics x DiscoTechCyclone Transition [Orig. Mix] [130-78] [Dirty] 2A 156
18Vault Classics x DiscoTechDo Ya Think I'm Sexy [Edit] [Clean] 7A 118
19Vault Classics x Jake RenoWake Tsunami Up [Orig. Mix] [Clean] 10A 128
20Vault Classics x SerafinPon De Firework [Orig. Mix] [Clean] 5B 128
21Vault Classics x The Jersey BoyzWhat I Got [Edit] [Dirty] 10B 100
22Vault Classics x The Unknown106 Miles To Chicago [QH Edit] [Clean] 9A 122
23Vault Classics x The UnknownAnother Brick In The Wall [QH Edit] [Clean] 7A 107
24Vault Classics x The UnknownAnother One Bites The Dust [QH Edit] [Clean] 4A 110
25Vault Classics x The UnknownApache [QH Edit] [Clean] 9A 116
26Vault Classics x The UnknownApplause It Up [QH Edit] [Clean] 6A 128
27Vault Classics x Windy City SyndicateTurn Around B-More [5,4,3,2,1] [BLDD B-More Edit] [Clean] 3A 128

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