Franchise Record Pool (Reggae) [25-Jun-2019]

01D KullusSomebody [Clean] 1A 108
02JahvillaniClarks Pon Foot 2A 126
03SquashMy Mommy 8B 95
04[1Option Riddim] Daddy1Anthem 9B 137
05[1Option Riddim] Squash1Option 9A 137
06[Divide & Conquer Riddim] Cracka DonReal G [Dirty] 6A 95
07[Divide & Conquer Riddim] Jac SaavigeReprisal [Dirty] 6B 95
08[Divide & Conquer Riddim] SplintaOK Baby [Dirty] 4A 95
09[Divide & Conquer Riddim] VillainLock Dung [Dirty] 6B 95
10[Weary Man Riddim] Fyah GeorgeJah Jah Rise I 5A 140
11[Weary Man Riddim] Henry JuniorWeary Man 5A 140
12[Weary Man Riddim] JahmilaWrong Turn 5A 140
13[Weary Man Riddim] Kiddus ICycyle 6A 140
14[Weary Man Riddim] LamekLykke 5A 140
15[Weary Man Riddim] LucianoBuilding Block 6A 140
16[Weary Man Riddim] Mikey GeneralOne Of These Days 5A 140
17[Weary Man Riddim] PinchersYour Kingdom Has Fallen 5A 140
18[Weary Man Riddim] Ras Negus IHit Me With Music 5A 140
19[Weary Man Riddim] TurbulanceWho Feel It Knows 5A 140

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