Hyperz [13-MAR-2018]

01BlurSong 2 (2k18) (90s-rock) (bootleg) (hype Into X Girl And Boys X Sex Drugs) (clean)12803:41
02Cheat Codes X Demi Lovato X Bassjackers X Felix SchornNo Promises 2018 (future House) (mash-up Edit) (hype Edit) (put Your Hands Up X Go Ladies) (clean)12803:39
03Destructo X Gta X WukiParty Up (edm Hype Quick Edit)[dirty] 12802:15
04DiscotechLollipop Tech Transition (discotech Hype Edit)[clean] 13004:23
05DiscotechLollipop Tech Transition (discotech Hype Edit)[dirty] 13004:24
06Dj DevilleOne More Time (hype Vocal Edit)[clean] 12505:28
07Dj NovaBoom Boom Lick (empty Intro Scoop Hype Edit)[dirty] 13002:49
08Dj NovaRun The World (scoop Hype Vocal Intro Edit)[dirty] 12804:30
09Dj ScooterScream And Shout (hype Vocal Edit)[clean] 13003:47
10Dj ScooterScream And Shout (hype Vocal Edit)[dirty] 13003:47
11Dj SkillzCall Me Maybe (hype Vocal Intro Edit (105-120))[clean] 10505:01
12Dj SkillzCall Me Maybe (hype Vocal Intro Edit (105-128))[clean] 10504:19
13Dj SkillzCall Me Maybe (hype Vocal Intro Edit (128thru))[clean] 12804:12
14Dj StarskiGlad You Came For Dutch (hype Vocal Edit)[clean] 12804:18
15Ephwurd Ft Fatman Scoop’ Dj KoolMoney (hype Edit) [126 Dirty]03:39
16Post Malone X 21 SavageRockstar 2018 (dancehall Rmx) (hype Sum Up X Rock Them Thangz) (dirty)9603:35
17Sister NancyBam Bam (ango 2018 Refresh Hype Acap In) Clean 7a 7503:14
18WisinContra La Pared – Etx Hype Intro04:23

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